The Sharings of

Brahman Menor

Brahman Menor’s sharings are simple and relatable. He talks about life, love, meaning and purpose. About living a life free from the control of your Mind. 

Brahman lives a pranic life. He doesn’t need to eat or drink which creates a stillness and openess within the body. 

The Pranic Essence Retreat

Pranic Essence is about you. Your life, your purpose, your essence. Everything changes from this new beginning. With more life force energy, called prana, in your life, your life changes on so many levels. This is the experience of most of our previous participants. Examples of these changes are; different jobs, a higher vibration, balanced relationships, more energy, more drive, more creation, more happiness, more peace of mind, and a healthier body.

Essence Experience

Satsang is sharing truth in words and energy with a group of people.
This ancient way of sharing has been done for thousands of years to help people recognize their inner truth and soften the control of the mind. During this Satsang you will learn how you can live a life of Mind and Food Freedom.
There is so much more possible in life than we realise and a life of ultimate freedom can be a reality.

Who is

Brahman Menor

Brahman Menor lives a life of simplicity and minimalism and he loves to connect with people. He values openness, connection, and peace and quiet.

With his retreats, he hopes to connect with as many people as possible and share what wants and needs to be shared. 


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