The essence of 

Pranic Living

Prana is the energy that is all around us. You could also name it Source Energy. This energy can be absorbed by our cells and nurture our cells and body.

Pranic living is not about never eating and drinking again. Pranic Living is about being independent of eating and drinking. This means you can choose if, what and how much you want to eat and drink. 

The transformation to pranic living is so much more than only pranic living.

When more prana flows through your body, everything in and around you changes. The world around you will start to resonate with your new state of “Being” and that which resonated on the old parts of you will flow away from you without you having any control over it. 

By changing your cells and DNA, releasing your emotional baggage, and opening the box of your conditioning, your whole foundation of what your life was based on untill now, will dissolve.

Everything changes from this new beginning.

This is what Pranic Essence is about; becoming the purest and best version of you and living your life that way.

The Pranic Essence Retreat

Pranic Essence is about you. Your life, your purpose, your essence. Everything changes from this new beginning. With more life force energy, called prana, in your life, your life changes on so many levels. This is the experience of most of our previous participants. Examples of these changes are; different jobs, a higher vibration, balanced relationships, more energy, more drive, more creation, more happiness, more peace of mind, and a healthier body.

Who is

Brahman Menor

Brahman Menor lives a life of simplicity and minimalism and he loves to connect with people. He values openness, connection, and peace and quiet.

He has experienced himself how deep the pranic transformation can change a person and he has seen this with all the people who have done the retreat so far. 

His intention and drive is to let people experience what he experiences.

With the retreats and events, he hopes to connect with as many people as possible and support them in their transformation to their most truest essence.  


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