His presence will help you recognize what you really are
A remarkable number of people has awakened in his presence
He is here to assist you on your path home...


The deepest teachings, yet liberating.
New insights yet recognizable.
Hard to understand yet easy to embrace.

Brahman Menor’s teachings are simple and recognizable for everyone beyond the understanding or knowledge of the mind. They will help you transition from believing (the Mind) to understanding (the Heart and beyond).

By simply being in Brahman Menor his energy, looking into his eyes, recognizing Source, listening to his teachings, will help you get rid of the mists of the Mind on the path of Self Realisation – Enlightenment.

As a Pranic Teacher as well, he invites you to start exploring Food-Freedom and experience absolute stillness within to deepen your connection with the Infinite Truth… With very powerful yet easy exercises you will be able to prepare and transform your body for Pranic Living.

By listening to his teachings, applying the insights and/or changing the way you live, you will be able to gain a direct experience of your Higher and Eternal Self—as well as a deep understanding of your purpose in this life, and gain the ability to live your calling with more freedom, joy, and love.

Pranic Living

Pranic Living can deepen your spiritual practice, enhance your inner peace, give you totale Food Freedom, heal your body physically and emotionally, and will save you time and money. This way of life is also the answer to most global environmental challenges…


Darshan is being in the presence of Source. During a Darshan, you can sense the Infinite in the presence of the teacher and recognize who you truly are. It is one of the most ancient ways on the path of Self-Realisation or Enlightenment…

Enlightenment Experience

Satsang is sharing truth in words and energy with a group of people. This ancient way of sharing has been done for thousands of years to help people recognize their inner truth and overcome the control of the Ego…


Pranic Living

Prana is another word for life energy.

Brahman Menor has transcended the need for food on his path to Enlightenment and is living on prana. After receiving a simple but powerful program from Source he transformed his body to living on Prana. After that, he decided to share this program with others.

In this program, Brahman Menor will guide you through the same transforming process your body needs to live from prana. The most essential part of this program though is the Source Connection you can experience in the presence of Brahman Menor. This experience is essential to transition from “Believing” (Mind) to “Knowing” (Heart) that Source will nourish your body. Brahman Menor has already guided many people through this process.

This simple but very powerful process is medically justified and scientifically substantiated in all steps and is also geared to modern times in which the social aspect of eating remains possible.

Brahman Menor has already guided many people through this process.

More information can be found on the Pranic page.


Darshans are an easily accessible way to be in Source energy through Brahman Menor.

A Darshan is a simple get-together where you can experience the Source connection through and recognize in Brahman Menor.

Although a Darshan seems simple, it is a very powerful event. Through the silence, the tranquility, the energy and being in Source Energy you can experience (glimpses of) Self-Realization.

Purely being in the presence of Brahman Menor, looking into his eyes or receiving an embrace, recognition of Source can be realized again and you can experience the “Bliss of the Self” and even Enlightenment.

There are special Darshan events and the Darshans are standard in the retreats.

More information can be found on the Darshan page.


Satsang is a get-together where Brahman Menor shares insights and wisdom coming through his connection with Source.

The difference between Satsang and Philosophy and discussions is that Satsang is always receiving answers on questions of Life that may be received, absorbed and integrated into your system without any feedback, because feedback is most of the time coming from the mind. Between the words of the message during a Satsang is always Source Energy that will reach out to you and help you to recognize the Self in many ways.

Satsang is also used during all his other sessions to stimulate you on your path to self-realization.

This wisdom can help you to face your Ego that’s always in the way to Self-Realization. By recognizing this inner wisdom the Self can rise and take control by positively using the Ego.

More information can be found on the Enlightenment Experience page.


We are all, consciously or unconsciously, looking for our lost connection with the Infinite Self. There are many exercises and much information available to help us find peace, gain insight, understand life more and therefore become happier.

Yet, the road to real and true Happiness cannot be walked with our Mind. All we need is to recognize the Infinite Self by fully opening up for one moment and restore our lost memory.

A Brahman or enlightened teacher can help you in the form of Satsang or Darshan where the Source Energy is very tangible and reaches out to your heart and anchors there.

What are you waiting for?