About me

As a child, growing up in the Caribbean, Brahman Menor already had a sense of the endless possibilities within human consciousness.

With an immense trust in life, he began his life journey of becoming a successful serial entrepreneur, amateur bodybuilder and an overall enjoyer of life.

At the age of 36, his life changed. Source reached out to him in such a way that for several months Brahman Menor was fully immersed in Source. From that time his “believing” (coming from the mind) in spirituality and meaning of life changed into “knowing” (coming from the heart and beyond) and he started to search for the “Ultimate Answers” —an understanding of the actual Workings of Life.

So his spiritual journey began by asking questions, receiving answers and methods on how to reach enlightenment. Never following any teacher or guru but always listening to the voice of the Infinite, of Source, who kept an open channel to him. Source invited Brahman Menor to teach about Life and the Infinite as they are much simpler than explained and taught up until now.

In 2006 the deepening of his spiritual journey began as he heard about a breatharian who lived on Prana. Everything in Brahman Menor’s body and soul resonated to that and in 2017 it became clear to him that it was the right time to make the change; to start living from Prana. Through his open channel with Source, he then received a Pranic program from the Infinite with all the tools that were needed. Being his own guinea pig he tried this program and these tools on himself and as he always says: “it was the best gift ever to myself ”

This Pranic program Brahman Menor received and used is so simple and short, he is convinced that everybody could do this. This program is based on the knowing and recognition of Source which will provide all that is needed to nurture the body, cell and DNA changes. Breath exercises were received as well to solve emotional traumas and conditioning.

After his transition to Pranic Living, he surrendered even deeper into Source and became one with the Infinite called “Fusion”. This is the last stage of Enlightenment.

Brahman Menor started teaching from his initial life-changing experience with Source at 36, and has since then held Satsang’s, Darshan’s, breath exercises, lectures, and retreats in many cities in Europa. He continues sharing these simple tools and answers, with a goal to reach people from every walk of life and not just those already in the spiritual community. “It’s what I live for;” he says, “it’s what I came here for.”

Brahman Menor has gone through some intense Spiritual Awakenings since the age of 36 until his Fusion in 2017. In between, he has received answers, insights, knowledge, and wisdom that are easy and accessible to everyone.

He not only shares his wisdom but also his energy because of his constant state of Satsang due to his Fusion. His knowledge, wisdom, and Fusion with Source will help you in unwinding your mind and opening up into Source so you can surrender into your Pranic life or into Enlightenment


“Simplicity is the way back to Realization of the Connection with ourselves or our soul.
It is this simplicity that is the basis of everything I give and do in life”


Brahman is seen as One, Eternal, Incorruptible, Infinite and Immutable. Despite its unchangeability, Brahman also stands for time-cyclical creation and destruction in its continuity. From the Brahman, everything was, is and will come into being, but since this is not seen here as a personal god, creation is neither intentional nor unintentional.

The Brahman is like the water of the infinite sea, in itself One, Eternal, Infinite and Unchanging. His creations are the waves of the sea subject to change: sometimes violently whipped and sometimes flat like a mirror. The waves have their actual existence in the water of the sea. The water in a wave is like the Atman that is identical with Brahman as the water in the sea.

There is no distinction between being aware of man and being aware of everything. The water is not related to the experience of the temporality of his appearances in the waves: yet he is one with it and is part of it. In this way Brahman remains eternally unchangeable himself and yet in all changing forms in this world.

Everything in this world is considered sacred in origin, including humans. In its deepest inner self, man is originally Atman.

Brahman, (as metaphor “fire”), is present in us as the immortal divine “spark”. They are essentially not two distinct units.

From this sense of universal unity, the Brahman is encouraged to fully detach from this earthly existence.

From his non-attachment, he can see through reality in the game of life in wisdom.

He follows the game of life!

What are you waiting for?