From Believing to Knowing and what the difference is

“I know I’m not going to die,” she said to me. A beautiful soul with cancer spreading through her body. Her eyes shine bright and fierce. There’s a calm and confident vibe around her. There’s not a trace of doubt in her body. Not a trace of doubt in her being. “This is not about my illness, it’s about my process”….”I’m not going to end like this” she continues…… This is a beautiful example of

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A life before and after the Pranic Transformation

Have you ever done something ridiculously crazy in your life? Yes? Well, multiply this by 10 and you have a notion of what Living on Prana can do for you. No? Then, this might be your opportunity to do something crazy. And not just something…Noooo…something very unique and very special. Your life before the Pranic Transformation You go through life and you go to work, have sex, hang out with friends, have some alone time….you

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Enlightenment is beyond the “all is love” experience

“All you need is love….”…. So many songs are written about Love. Even an entire period, the Hippy period, was, amongst others, about Love. Love is such a big part of our lives. But love isn’t part of one thing. And that is Enlightenment. Enlightenment is about something else. Enlightenment is about discovering who you really are. But before I will talk about that, let me tell what you are NOT. You are not your

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