A life before and after the Pranic Transformation

Have you ever done something ridiculously crazy in your life?


Well, multiply this by 10 and you have a notion of what Living on Prana can do for you.


Then, this might be your opportunity to do something crazy. And not just something…Noooo…something very unique and very special.

Your life before the Pranic Transformation

You go through life and you go to work, have sex, hang out with friends, have some alone time….you live your life.

You struggle with yourself because you don’t feel loved enough, or good enough. You know on a deeper level there’s more for you but you don’t know how to live like that. How to do that.

There are always these obstacles in your mind preventing you from really being you. You might be scared, lonely or frustrated. However small these moments may be…

But despite these mind struggles…you live your life and you enjoy and have fun….

And then there’s food and drinks.

You use food, even if it’s just in small amounts, to eat away your loneliness, your frustration or your fear….maybe you drink it away. This doesn’t necessarily mean alcohol. Even a hot cocoa can temporarily fill up the void of loneliness.

You may try to eat healthily, 3 times a day or more times a day in small amounts because that’s what good for you…..

And what if I told you that all of the above can go away in one year?

The mental struggles, the covering up your emotions with food or drinks and the illusionary necessity of having to eat healthily…..

What if I told you you can free yourself from all these mental constraints? Not just those around food but also those with which you hold yourself back regarding feeling lonely or scared.

Your life after your Pranic Transformation

You are working now in a way that suits your personality best.
You may have sex but only when you really feel it’s for the right reasons.
You hang out with your friends and you enjoy yourself. You’re not comparing anymore and you are enjoying the moments.
Your alone time has deepened and you can easily be alone without mentally justifying it to yourself. You are just being alone at this moment.

You live your life but it’s totally different than before.

You are so much more aware of your own mental stories that build your life. You can see the stories that shape your loneliness, frustration or fear….You can see them and let them go without having a too strong of an effect on you.

Enjoying life and having fun has a whole different meaning for you now.

It’s no more about satisfaction…whether that be feeling welcomed, loved or seen….it’s about being. Which is a whole different way of living.

Food is not a way to fill up a void inside.

You are okay with that void now.

The freedom of not HAVING to eat (healthily) is overwhelming and so different than ever imagined.

It’s about so much more….

Living a life on Prana is about so much more than not needing any food or drinks anymore.

It’s about Mind and Food Freedom.

You will experience a Freedom where you can choose if and what to eat.

You will experience a Freedom of when and where you will let your Mind Stories have their impact.

Have you ever done something ridiculously crazy?

I bet not as crazy as this!

But is this really crazy? Or the new Normal?


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Brahman Menor lives a humble life with his ego under control. He completely trusts and surrenders to life. He lives his life purpose which is sharing Source Energy to show you the way into your deepest self. He also lives a Pranic Life, meaning he lives off Prana (Life Energy)


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