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Want to experience something life-changing? Come to one of the events of Brahman Menor.

Below you will find an overview of the type of events offered by Brahman Menor. For current days, times and locations, check the brahman.menor facebook page. If an event is planned, you will also find further explanation about the content of the event there.



A lecture about the pranic living in combination with a Darshan & Sound session.

During this day Brahman Menor talks about how he came to pranic living and what it has brought him up until now and what it can bring you. This is followed by a Darshan (see the evening workshops for more information about this) and a Sound session. After Brahman Menor has done the Darshan, music will be put up and he then takes you on an even deeper journey with his singing bowls, drums and other instruments.


A lecture about pranic living in combination with the Pranic Cell Cleanse and a Darshan.

During this day Brahman Menor talks about how he came to pranic living and what it has brought him up until now and what it can bring you. Then you will do the Pranic Cell Cleanse. This is a deepening and opening breathing session in which your cells are cleansed. This is followed by a Darshan (see the evening workshop for more information about this).




A Darshan means you recognize the divine within yourself. This recognition takes place by looking Brahman Menor in the eye. Then you literally (while sitting down) let yourself fall backwards (you are caught) so your mind surrenders and then you stay in the energy that builds up more and more in the workshop space. During that time Brahman Menor walks around to room and is guided in what you and the others need.


Dynamic Breath

The Dynamic Breath is an intense breathing exercise that allows you to breathe through all your layers of trauma, sadness, resistance, conditioning etc without examining what is literally there. Through this breathing session you literally breathe through all kinds of layers, so the emotional charge and the effect it has on you becomes less and less.



Enlightened Touch

During this weekend workshop you will learn how to really connect from within yourself with someone else from presence, attention and openness. Due to the exercises you will do during this weekend, you will feel a difference in conscious and unconscious attention, where you will feel energy flow when you are paying attention to something and much more. After this workshop you can make contact from your heart and from openness, vulnerability and strength.


Healing Weekend

During this weekend workhsop Brahman Menor helps you with your healing process through breathing exercises, visualisations, meditations and darshans. During this weekend you will learn how to support and deepen your own healing process.


Enlightened Relationships

During this weekend workshop Brahman Menor takes a closer look at what an enlightened relationship entails. Through exercises and reflections you will experience how you can really open up to yourself and others, how you can communicate consciously and openly from your heart and how you can connect with yourself and others. He also discusses how you can break free from the triggers that you may experience within the relationship.



Pranic Essence Retreat

See the Pranic Essence Retreat page for more information

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