Becoming independent of eating and drinking

The way to pranic living.

A fresh start

We can all go back to our most natural state of being; pranic living. Every cell in our body can be transformed into a Pranic Living Cell. Our very first cell was a pranic cell and was living from Source Energy alone.  Living from Prana means living from Source Energy which is the energie that is all around us. It’s just shortly thereafter that food conditioning begins and all our cells begin to adapt. 

During the Pranic Essence Retreat we are going to start the reconditioning of every cell in your body to a pranic living cell and change your DNA for pranic Living. By doing this we’re cleaning our cells not only from the conditioning of eating and drinking, but also from other conditionings as well as from pains and traumas. Pain and traumas are also stored in our cells. 

So the Pranic Essence Retreat is not only the start of your pranic transformation, but also the start of healing from other conditioning and experienced trauma.

This means that your life will change on a fundamental level to a more healthy and natural way of living.

Why would you go Pranic?

SOME OF THE RESULTS THAT WE SEE with the people who have done the pranic essence retreat


Clarity of Mind – The toxins you’ve built up during your life will be released and you’ll experience ‘Clarity of Mind.’


Inner Stillness – As your body won’t be digesting any food it doesn’t have any bodily stressors, you will experience a stillness in your body that wasn’t there before.


Much Better Sleep – Your sleeping time will be reduced significantly once your body is fully transformed and toxin-free.


Total Food Freedom – Most participants who start to eat afterward will experience they can reduce their caloric intake by 80%, depending on your decision as to whether or not you want to start eating again.


You will save time – Not only will you have much more free time without grocery shopping, cooking, etc, but also because you need less sleep.


You will save money – It will save a lot of money for obvious reasons, but please do not let this be one of the reasons to participate.


No feelings of hunger – there will be no feelings of hunger anymore.


Deep Healing – Because of the reset in your body, your physical healing power can flow naturally.


Your energy level will go up - as your body doesn’t need any or much energy for digestion.


Ideal body weight – After the first period your body will reach its ideal weight and after that, you can influence your body weight with physical exercise and the power of your mind.


Your triggers and drama stories will soften - The triggers in our bodies and the stories in our mind will soften as a result of a stress-free pranic body.


More connection - You will feel more connected to your own inner source and spiritual being.


A different transformational vibration - due to less stress in the body, fewer triggers and less negative stories of the mind, the way you look at your life will totally change. This will create more acceptance of what is, a different vibration, and more happiness in your life after this transformation.

the emotional clean up & physical healing

During the retreat we are not only going to transform our cells into pranic cells…..we are also going to work with other conditioning in our cells as well as traumas and pains. 

We all have all kinds of conditioning in our cells that influence the way we eat. We also have pains and traumas that also influence the way eat. 

If we do not address these, the pranic transformation will become a lot harder as there’s still too much emotional baggage that will make it harder to stop eating and drinking. 

So therefore we are going to soften our conditioning and traumas through different kinds of breath exercises. We do this without investigating the different types of conditioning and traumas. 

It’s all about breathing through all kinds of layers in our emotional body so they become softer and softer. 


By working on our emotional “baggage” which is the foundation of most illnesses, the body can heal in a natural way.

The combination of dray-fasting, the pranic process and the emotional softening is the way to heal most illnesses.



How to go pranic

Going pranic isn’t about eating less, fasting our way into Pranic Living or eating a certain diet. We all know that doesn’t work.

Our cells are conditioned with needing nutrients. By eating less and less or fasting and then stopping with eating altogether, the body gets deprived of its nutrients. 

Our cells still need these nutrients and this cannot be replaced.

By transforming our cells to a Pranic Cell, that doesn’t need any nutrients but only Prana, we can transform our body to Pranic Living. 

Also our DNA is programmed for physical survival of the body.

When the body has a lack of nutritional intake our DNA wil signal the mind to create cravings so you will feel the uncontrolable need to start eating. By changing our DNA these cravings will be less and this makes your transformation easier.



is this retreat really for you?

You can do the Retreat if you want to heal your body, heal your food intolerances, and overall create the most healthy body you can. 

Pranic living is not about stopping with eating and drinking. Pranic Living is about being independent of eating and drinking. This means you can choose if, what and how much you want to eat and drink. 

Your body doesn’t need it anymore, but you can still enjoy anything you like occasionally. 



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