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Be the drop in the ocean of change by remembering your own “Self”…

More connection with yourself becomes a deeper connection with your clients

Exclusive ”8 day teacher training for



Have you ever experienced that one true connection with a certain client or person you helped with your work? Where you felt completely in the Here and Now and even a part of the Universe? 

You probably also experienced where and when this didn’t happen. So many clients you wanted to truly connect with, reach out to and help but wasn’t able to sink into your own Connection. 

Or, you know deep down you can go deeper in your connection with your clients. There’s more in you, you want to bring out and into your work. 


You’re not alone in this. Many people who work with groups or one-on-one’s want to bring a true, deep, honest connection into their work. They know and feel they can go beyond their minds even more and are aware and brave enough to explore this for themselves.

This True Connection is not something you can easily achieve by doing some exercises or meditation. This is where you probably feel you’re missing something or doing something “wrong”. 

This powerful Teacher Training for Enlightened Touch will help you breakdown all layers that prevent you to go deeper and will help you to reconnect with the deeper “Self” within you. 

Because of this true and deep reconnection that you will experience you will bring more of your Love Energy into your work and private life. This will have a great impact on your clients. 

Then, you can teach your own clients how to Connect that deep with themselves.

brahman menor;

“I want to reach out to as many people as possible that can be achieved by helping teachers to do the same”

Nowadays people are hardly used to or able to connect with and from their own Source of Love. And certainly no longer with other people because the world or relationships no longer feel safe. The result is that people themselves no longer experience happiness, love or connection and therefore do not go through life happily and have the feeling of being shut off from their happiness.

After this training, by being able to sink into your own Love Connection even more, you embody this Love Energy yourself and you have the tools to teach this yourself. 

Because of your own deepening in opening up, your Clients will dare to be vulnerable even more and you can guide them into their own Love Connection. 

who is this training for?

This Training is for those of you who work (or want to work) with groups or one-on-ones and want to distinguish yourselves from the other teachers. You do this by being honest with yourself and being brave enough to venture deeper into your own layers that prevent you from opening up even more. 

You want to work more from your heart and less from your mind and you want to be experienced as a loving, softer and more connected teacher in many ways. 

You want to teach and show others how to deepen their connection with themselves and others. 

Who are your future clients:

You can organize workshops for your clients to teach them to use their heart during the day-to-day connection with others like:

  • Couples
  • Work related like school teachers, nurses, animal care, and more 
  • People who (want to) work with Love energy through massages or healing
  • People who want to delve into connection with their true Self
  • Parents with children

”now ask yourself as a trainer”

What is it worth to be connected to my inner “Self”?

Am I connected to my Higher Self?

Do you connect with others from your own Higher Self?

Are you really present in the moment of the connection?

Do you feel safe to open up to your clients and be vulnerable?

well… is your answer…..

”join in and be surprised with this Exclusive and powerful

8-day training”

In this, once-in-a-year, exclusive 8-day in-depth training, Brahman Menor will introduce you to a conscious and in-depth way of connecting with yourself, others and your clients.

Brahman Menor will first help you become aware of your True Inner Self and connect with it by starting to experiencing it, recognizing it in Darshan through his Source energy. From this connection with yourself you will be able to connect with the other in the form of giving and receiving. In this training you will work with all participants to help you to connect more deeply through looking, feeling, touching and movement.

This in-depth and gentle way of connecting will make your relationship with others more loving and people will experience this as very pleasant.

“Do not forget that you need to connect with yourself first and from that connection with others.”

quote brahman menor:

I work both in a connecting heart environment and a down-to-earth industry where I always take my Source love with me and let it shine in connection with other people. Based on that experience and that of my personal relationships with people, this training was received from Source and practiced in my own relationships with other people. For me a blessing in my life because it makes me deeply connected with most of the people I meet in my life”.

Each relationship will deepen in all forms such as:

  • Partner relationships 
  • Friendships
  • Parent – child  connection 
  • Connections in work related environment, such as in healthcare, schools, animal care

Topics that we cover are:

  • Opening and connecting to yourself
  • Connection with others
  • Touching from your own inner connection
  • Communication in the form of speaking as well as listening. 

What can you do after this training?

  • You are more connected with life and the people around you
  • You will have the connection and skills to integrate this into your work and deepen the connection with your clients.
  • You can create your own day, weekend and week workshop to help clients deepen their connection
  • You can combine this knowledge with other exercises that you already use.

What do you gain from this training?

  • A deeper connection with yourself
  • The experience of how to help clients connect to their own inner love/peace in their daily life
  • You as a teacher can distinguish yourself from other less connected teachers
  • More balance and flow in your own life

How to apply for the Teacher Training Enlightened Touch

If you want to apply for this event,  you can send an email to 

When you register for this event, you automatically agree with our terms and conditions

Other events:

You can find all scheduled events on the  facebookpage @brahmanmenor


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