Life will always challenge us. In the moment of the challenge, the mind always resists as it wants to change the moment. 

The mind wants to stay in control of whatever happens and will try to find a way out. 

It will let you hear and experience through a filter. 

        • You will hear things that will confirm what your mind wants you to think. 
        • It will let you feel what will confirm what your mind wants you to think.
        • It will let you focus on what will confirm what your mind wants you to think.

But I believe from my heart and soul that life is a book already written.

Every moment in life is already written in our book of life. Every word, every sentence, every chapter, ever part of our book.

Every thought, every feeling, every reaction is written in our book of life.

So, can we surrender to our book of life without hesitation? Surrender to whatever is happening.

Most of the time we first have to get rid of the negative to welcome the positive and a new flow in our life.

The fear we feel is in our physical body and our mind reacts to it. But every moment is perfect as it is and is also already written in our book of life.

The deepest moments of life have the most amazing experiences. When life challenges us and we trust life it will bring us the most beautiful gifts.

When people opened up they did so in their deepest moments. That’s when they surrendered to life and they ended up in the moment…..without knowing what comes next.

In every moment there are beautiful opportunities.

Satnam Brahman Menor

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Brahman Menor lives a humble life with his ego under control. He completely trusts and surrenders to life. He lives his life purpose which is sharing Source Energy to show you the way into your deepest self. He also lives a Pranic Life, meaning he lives off Prana (Life Energy)



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