The purpose of life on this planet

Let me tell you this…there’s no other purpose to life other than to experience life!

There’s no deeper meaning. No investigation. No learning.

Only experiences.

Now, I know this is hard to read, but bare with me, please. I will tell you why this is so hard to acknowledge and why that is perfectly okay!

The purpose of life is to experience

Life is just about experiences.

We come here into this life with our personality. This personality functions as a filter through which life happens. This filter adjusts itself according to your personality and your circumstances.

There aren’t many types of personalities in this world but every type of personality reacts differently as the environment and circumstances are always different.

So you experience the same circumstances differently than another personality type.

These personality types and all the different circumstances make a whole range of experiences….

And it’s these experiences life is all about.

Nothing more and nothing less.

You don’t need to do or be special. You don’t need to change, grow or become better.

The only thing you “need” to do is BE YOU and experience life as YOU.

Why it’s so hard to acknowledge this

Your personality comes with a Mind. Your Mind is your personality. Every type of personality, mind, has something it finds important.

This differs per personality type. For one it might be a sense of control, for the other the desire to take care of others, or to avoid conflicts, to investigate, learn and grow, or to have nice and beautiful things.

This is what drives your personality. This is what your Mind thinks Life is all about.

The Mind finds it extremely difficult to accept that life is “just” about experiences.

That it’s “just” about living your personality, experience life through your filter and just BE.

That which drives you in this life is nothing more than your Mind’s reason for living.

But your Mind’s reason for living is not the reason of Life.

How to accept it’s all about experiencing

Your Mind doesn’t have to run you life. You can use your mind instead of it using you.

The more you become aware of what YOU think is most important in life, the more resistance YOU feel, the more you see YOUrself saying this or that….know that it’s your mind taking control….

The more you feel trust and the more you can surrender to what’s happening in your Life, the more your Mind will let go of its control, the more you can “just” experience and use your personality and your mind to express yourself and navigate life’s challenges.

Experiences are pure in itself. There’s no need to be any different. There’s no need for the circumstances to be any different.

It’s about experiencing life as YOU, without resistance of the mind.

If you can live your life like this, your life will be nothing as it was before….


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Brahman Menor lives a humble life with his ego under control. He completely trusts and surrenders to life. He lives his life purpose which is sharing Source Energy to show you the way into your deepest self. He also lives a Pranic Life, meaning he lives off Prana (Life Energy)


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