Enlightenment is beyond the “all is love” experience

“All you need is love….”….

So many songs are written about Love. Even an entire period, the Hippy period, was, amongst others, about Love.

Love is such a big part of our lives.

But love isn’t part of one thing.

And that is Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is about something else.

Enlightenment is about discovering who you really are. But before I will talk about that, let me tell what you are NOT.

You are not your body and you are not your Mind.

And everything that’s connected to your Mind and your Body is what you’re not.

The voice in your head is tied to your body and therefore you’re not that voice in your head.
Your emotions are tied to your body and therefore you’re not your emotions.
Feelings are tied to your body and therefore you’re not your feelings.

Love is something you feel with your body. You feel it in your heart area. You feel it as a sensation throughout your body. It will make you warm inside and set in motion all kinds of good and happy emotions.

When you feel heartache because of a love that’s lost, you also feel that in your body. Oftentimes even very thoroughly and intense.

As everything that’s tied to your Mind and Body is NOT who you are, then you are not Love.

Enlightenment is discovering who you really are.

Your body and your mind are just a vessel with which you manifest yourself.

Love is experienced through your body. You are not your body and therefore Love is not Enlightenment.

Love is a beautiful feeling and the more Love you feel, the better for you as it makes you happy and really nice to be around.
Love is a feeling that keeps family and friends together. Love makes you save animals, be compassionate and patient towards others. Love makes you help others and be kind.

Love is a wonderful feeling and is a big part of the human experience.

But it’s no more than that.

An experience. Just like any other.

Enlightenment is discovering who you really are.

Enlightenment is when your Mind is temporarily shut down (not just Silent) and you ease out of your body without an out-of-body experience.

It’s when you glide into a field of energy where there’s no body at all….no mind at all….no feelings or emotions…

Enlightenment is an experience where you are not just Being…..you dissolve into nothing and everything….

You can still look through the eyes of your body just as you look through binoculars. You are not the binoculars, but you can see something through it.

You can see the world through your eyes but you are not your body at that moment.

You are at that moment in that place all the while being a million parts in one….

Your body miraculously keeps on functioning on its own while you are merged back with Source Energy….

Love is a beautiful feeling….

But it’s not enlightenment.

In the end…you are more than Love.



Brahman Menor.

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