The purpose of life is to experience. There’s no good or bad, or better or worse…Being awakened or not is not better. It’s all part of the experience of life. 

Stage 1

Most of us start in the First Stage. That of being unawakened. Being totally unawakened is also an experience that we share with Source. 

What does being unawakened mean? It simply means you don’t feel the need to investigate life in a spiritual way. 

Stage 2

Then, somewhere in your Book of Life there’s a moment where you feel the desire to wake up. And somewhere around that time, you will have a small experience with for example, energy, a medium, angels or you will feel energy, and you’re slowly transitioning from unawakened to becoming awakened. This is the Second Stage.  And becoming awakened is just a stage where you start investigating what spirituality is. 

This stage is mostly about reading books and-or going to lectures. We experience the silence of the mind, previous lives or the sensation of energies. This gives us insight of what spirituality could be most of the time. But this is still knowledge of the mind and the experiences of our body and our mind and body are never going to help us with our final stage. 

Stage 3

The final stage is the stage of Enlightenment or Self-Realization or as a lot of people say, reconnecting. 

When we have this experience, we go from believing (the mind) to knowing (experience). 

Most of us, after stage 3, stop searching and start experiencing life as it is…..


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Brahman Menor lives a humble life with his ego under control. He completely trusts and surrenders to life. He lives his life purpose which is sharing Source Energy to show you the way into your deepest self. He also lives a Pranic Life, meaning he lives off Prana (Life Energy)

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