Transformative and Deep 8-day Retreat for Pranic Living and Health with Brahman Menor

February 28 – Martch 6, 2020 | April 17 – 24 2020 Scharendijke, The Netherlands.

Do you feel on soul level you are ready to take the next step in conscious evolution? To live a healthier, more fulfilling life? If the answer to these questions is yes, this retreat will be perfect for you!

The Pranic Awakening Program is an 8-day retreat in natural surroundings in a beautiful new retreat location in Scharendijke in The Netherlands. You will be guided through the process by Brahman Menor who live on Prana and his team. they are all experts on pranic living, breathing techniques, Kundalini and much more.

This Program was dictated to Brahman Menor directly from Source, from meditations to breath-techniques and visualizations. So the entire Program was given to him in the purest form and with the newest energy. Completely down to earth, no rituals, no stories… just what is needed with his source energy.

Finca Vrij is a brand new retreat location. A lounge area, big workshop space, 6 bungalows, a fireplace, and a big garden. Everything we were looking for in a retreat place.

The 3 -4 person bungalows are very modern with new beds. You will be able to relax and feel very comfortable. During the retreat there will also be a masseur or masseuse for relaxation massages, these are included in the September retreat

The reason you feel the need to participate :

• You feel the calling to reset your body’s ability to use prana to nourish your cells instead of solid foods with the 3-day dry fast. Before and after the dry fast you will drink fruit juices. (your body needs fruit juices up to 2 to 3 months after the dry fast because your energy will be used up for regenerating your body cells, afterward, you can decide to drink less juice, just water, nothing at all or take a meal once in a while, just what you want.

• You want to heal your body and to reset your immune system with the 3-day fasting (you can drink water), before and after the 3-day fasting you will drink fruit juices. After the retreat, you can eat normally again, but most people will eat much less than before. And of course, you will be more aware of what kinds of food your body likes and dislikes.

Note: This entire program is specially made to release yourself of old limiting beliefs and thoughts by using different techniques.

Take a look at the page Pranic living so you can read what we offer and what to expect afterward.

Check also the Pranic Power Package for personal 1 on 1 support.

8 Day retreat for Pranic Living / Breatharianism & Health

Location: Scharendijke, The Netherlands
Dates 2019: February 28 till march 6 (Dutch)
Dates 2020: April 17 till 24 (English)

Costs : 1599 euro p.p.
Costs : Pranic Power Package 499 euro p.p
Application: Use this link
Take a look at our General Agreements & Conditions for regulations about payment
Closing date application: 1 month before the beginning retreat
Extra’s: Relaxation massages are included

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