I like to explain the process from eating and drinking normally to transitioning to pranic living because I talk a lot with people who think they are living pranic because they lowered their amount of intake of food. 

Well, lowering the amount of intake of food will help you to feel lighter, to feel more energized, and it can really heal your body. 

But when you keep on living like this, for example, on 500 or 300 calories you will keep on losing weight and you will really miss everything your cells still need as they are still conditioned to food. 

So the vitamins and minerals a normal body needs are all being used and with so little calories you will miss sufficient vitamins and minerals and you will end up as very skinny, and with a less healthy body than you probably want. 

I tried this as well as a fruitarian and liquidarian by eating and drinking a maximum of 300 calories and I kept on losing weight until I was so skinny that I needed to start eating in a normal way again…

When I received the Pranic Transformation I made the decision to go Pranic. That is where the change starts. It did for me and it will for you.

The Pranic Transformation is needed because certain things need to change in your body to let the right amount of Prana in the body which is needed to function.

So by eating less, you will keep on losing weight.

The pitfall with eating less is that our metabolism goes down and the body doesn’t need as many calories anymore than before.

So when we eat less and our body needs less calories, we might think our body lives off Prana.

But that’s just not the case.

When you eat less or minimal your body will form a shortage of nutrients. This is because your cells are still conditioned in needing these nutrients.

Eating less or minimal without the Pranic Transformation isn’t good for your body as you deny your body the nutrients it still needs.

When you go pranic in my retreat, we transform your body and all your cells to pranic cells. Cells that don’t need nutrients anymore.


 Brahman Menor

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Brahman Menor lives a humble life with his ego under control. He completely trusts and surrenders to life. He lives his life purpose which is sharing Source Energy to show you the way into your deepest self. He also lives a Pranic Life, meaning he lives off Prana (Life Energy)


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